Floral knowledge: What should you pay attention to during the flower arrangement?

Choosing cut flowers: Choosing seasonal flowers can save you some money and make flower arrangements more timely, especially on special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties.

Grasp the quality of cut flowers: When the flower buds are not yet in full bloom, cut them with floral cuts. If you buy flowers in the flower shop or flower market, you should choose the ones that contain the cockroaches, the fresh water, the pests, and the flowers.

Choose a vase: The vase should be quaint, generous, elegant and clean. The shape and size should be matched with the squid. In order to keep it steady, put a few small stones at the bottom of the vase to avoid top-heavy and embellishment.

Flower shop management: Which flower shop type is more suitable for you!

Entity florist: The threshold of the entity florist is relatively low, and the area is mostly around 20 square meters. It is usually opened in a densely populated area. The style of the flower shop can be set according to the characteristics of the residents in the community. The cost of opening the store is not high, and the maximum input cost is the rent.

High-end custom flower shop: The area of high-end flower shops is mostly around 100 square meters, and such flower shops tend to focus on branding. Most of them choose a commercial area with a large flow of people, and the cost of opening a store is high. The clerk and the owner have a professional floral training and have a certain level of floral art. They have their own unique aesthetic and design concepts for flower matching, color matching and flower creation.

Tanabata special collection: Why can't you make a girlfriend? It’s your Valentine’s Day sending the wrong flower!

How can there be less vibrant and loving flowers when the summer love song is played? You may receive a lot of gifts, but there is one essential thing, that is, flowers! Every seventh night, sending flowers has become a classic way for people to have a Chinese Valentine's Day. No girl does not love flowers. The goddess of high cold loves the elegant champagne rose, and the night of Tanabata, red wine, flowers, and goddess are the most touching; The soft and lovely girl loves sweet and lovely flowers, and the pink color can instantly poke their hearts; The literary and fresh woman loves the stars and is naturally beautiful. The woman's man will also be convinced by the flowers, and fall down under the pomegranate skirt of flowers... Tanabata, a day that countless people think about it, all the mixed feelings have been warmed up on this special day, and all the love of love has turned into water and tenderness.